Ryan, Emily, and Brandon Orsingher - San Antonio, TX

The Triplet Connection
“A Network of
Caring and Sharing
for Multiple-birth Families”


The Triplet Connection is an international network, founded in 1983. We have worked with over 45,000 expectant parents of higher-order multiple births (triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, etc.), providing much-needed information and resources, medical updates, and articles and advice from families of higher-order multiple births as well as from medical professionals.  We also offer opportunities for parents to network with other families from all over the globe who have “been there, done that,” and who can share in the joys and challenges of having and raising multiple-birth children.


For parents who are pregnant with triplets or more,  we have an  Expectant Parent Packet  of information pregnancy heart2that helps you to know exactly what you’re up against — and, specifically, what you can do to enhance and promote the best possible outcome to your pregnancy. A multiple pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy and, by becoming as informed as possible, you’ll be able to avoid or recognize many potential problems.


The Triplet Connection’s New Parent Packet is for parents who have already delivered triplets, quadruplets or more, tripletsand whose multiples are under the age of one year old. The New Parent Packet includes information about what you might expect as new parents of multiples, as well as networking and resource opportunities, and membership in The Triplet Connection.


The Triplet Connection Membership offers parents of multiplesover the age of one year, many special opportunities.  Members are able to network with other families of multiples, utilize P_Heffernan2our Resource Directory for various areas of concern for parents of multiples, and access and even write articles and updates for our publication. Members can enjoy active participation in our “caring and sharing network”. Current members can renew their one-year membership.


The Triplet Connection has a fantastic Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of some of the most experienced physicians in the United States in regard to successful multiple-birth pregnancy management.  We also house the largest database of medical information available in the world regarding higher-order multiple-birth pregnancies and delivery outcomes. Over the past 30 years we have received (and continue to receive) thousands of detailed medical questionnaires from parents who have undergone higher-order multiple births; and the data we have amassed contains valuable, life-saving information for parents expecting multiples, as well as for medical-care providers.

The Triplet Connection is a marvelous opportunity to become part of an incredible “Network of Caring and Sharing for Multiple-birth Families.” We invite your membership and participation in our organization!