shoping…. with three 3and a half year olds…… Help!?

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    We enjoy taking our boys places but, in the last month or so every-time we go out the boys go crazy! We just sold are triplet and double stroller and am thinking about buying another one! But, who wants to push 3 or 2 three year olds around. We have also used the backpacks but they run three different ways, then fall down.

    We do in store time outs, and yes I do get down eye level and tell them how dangerous it is running from Mom & Dad!

    We are starting to go crazy staying in the house any ideas would be a big help!

    worse thing about it is that there were a lot of moms of twins out and they were so good and here I am with a kid on my shoulders, one in a single push cart and the other one in his backpack! While my hubby was looking at the clothing and I was trying to keep them busy!

    thank u

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    If you’re with DH then you can use two carts. If you’re by yourself, I usually try to put one or two in a cart and one walk and “help” and switch off so they all have a turn. I also try to remember how much they can handle at that age and limit the amount of time I’m in the store. I always have a long talk with them before we go into the store and in the beginning I would reward them. I would tell them “If you’re good in the store and listen to Mommy you will get a lollipop.” Then, if they started to misbehave I would remind them. After a while, I didn’t need to use the lollipop anymore, we used the reward chart. Now they are 4 and I can take all three to the grocery store myself and have three little helpers.


    sheila mcmahan

    I am taking mine out for shopping trips less since the turned three and a half. They are just at that stage where they have short attention spans, easily distracted, and want to “help” in very unhelpful ways.

    When I do take them out, they are in the triple stroller for crowd control reasons. Sometimes a quick trip to the library or a quick trip for a couple items in a shop there is a stroller for 1 kiddo and the other two have to hold onto the sides… but it needs to be a quick trip or they start to loose it.

    Don’t feel bad about the twins doing well… I think it takes triplets longer to learn to behave in public because in general they may have less opportunity to try it out. JMO.

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    Thank you Sheila am glad it is not only my trips that have this issue.
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    Not sure if you have a walmart close by but they now have a cart that has 2 seats in the front and a seat in the chart. I will usually go there for that reason. IF I go to another store I will usually put 2 in the cart and take turns with 1 walking. I also just got ride of my RA stroller. I still use my harness/backpacks when I go to the zoo or a place that has a lot of people. I agree with the PP, I usually take them on short shopping trips.

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    I was just logging on to post about this exact thing! I swear they are more work now, at 3 1/2 then they were at 2 1/2! We are definitely going out less these days. Someone is always getting upset. (usually about nothing) I used to get lots of “wow, what good kids you have there.” Now I get looks of pity. I hate that! I know from my older guy that 3 was by far the hardest mental age, so I know things will get better as we near 4. It is amazing how if I just take 2 it is soooooo much easier! DH and I split them up alot on the weekends. He takes 2 and I take 2. They are so good it’s not even funny, but when I have all 4 they just feed off of each other, so if one starts acting up they all do. And if one gets the others laughing it’s a free for all! We just keep trying short trips and eventually I know they will start behaving consistantly again. We just had our first successful outing to Costco with all 4 in a long time. Yeah! Hang in there!



    Mine are fixing to turn three and trips to the store have gotten worse. It must be the age. I second the carts at walmart. That way they cant get away from you and your hands are free to shop. only downfall is that mine will kick at the kid in the cart. And then that kid gets mad “mommy so and so is kicking me” ughh. Aggravating but its doable. I also second the limit the time in the store. Seems like they have less tolerance when they were smaller.
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    Mine are 3 and 1/2 too. I definitely can’t do long trips anymore, but have found that if they each have a job to do they behave so much better. When we go to the grocery store they each have to remember 3 separate items that are needed. My grocery store now has those little kid carts so now they even feel really important when they get to put their items in their own little cart. Of course we go when it’s not busy so I don’t totally annoy the other shoppers and I don’t take a big cart. I just put all my stuff in their little carts.

    If we are going clothes shopping we play “I Spy” but they know they have to point to the items not touch. If we are going to buy something I make them carry it to keep their hands busy. I have to go shoe shopping for me this week and the deal will be they each get to try on one pair of mommy shoes for a minute. Just going to DSW. They love trying on high heels!

    Definitely not as easy as the stroller days, but I have learned to shop much faster.

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